Anna is living her dream   
 Anna is living her dream

I was born in Kiev, Ukraine, in 1979. I graduated from Kiev Linguistic University, specialty of English language, and International Institute of Business, specialty of Human Resources Management. Worked as a teacher, translator, Human Resources manager.

When I was 25 my life started to change drastically. I got acquainted with a motorcycle. How and why it happened is still a mystery for me. I never rode before as a pillion, neither I had any motorcyclist friends. Just one day I felt irresistible urge to learn how to ride. 

Thus I enrolled into a motorcycle riding school and got my license, bought my first bike Kawasaki Eliminator 125 which was followed next year by the bigger one  – Kawasaki Vulcan 900. I started to ride first around Ukraine, then went outside to neighboring countries – Russia, Belorus, Moldova, then further and further – Europe, Asia, Middle East. Every time I felt like going further and for longer. Traveling by motorcycle became my passion. 

At first I could manage to combine it with my work. I arrived at the office by motorcycle, changed into office clothes, at the end of a day reverse transformation was taking place. All weekends and vacations were spent on a motorcycle, all savings were used for traveling.

Thus, one rainy day when I was thinking where to go next a fleeting idea about the trip around the world came into my mind. I didn’t pay much attention and just waved it away. 
This idea seemed impossible to me. After several days it came back to me again, and this time it was more persistent. But I decided to suspend it as I was about to leave for a 4-months trip around India for which I rejected perspectives of a good career in the big company. 
I will have enough time to think about possible trip around the world later, I told to myself. And it really happened this way. India has a favorable atmosphere for contemplation and taking serious decisions.


In spring of 2012 I was returning to Ukraine with a firm decision to start preparing for the trip around the world. Preparation took me one year and three months. During this period of time I went through the moments of doubts, hopes and disappointments, rises and falls. It was very difficult to find support and understanding, especially from potential sponsors to whom I addressed for help. Great victory and success was that KTM company – headquarters in Austria and Ukrainian office in Kiev – provided a motorcycle and riding gear for the trip. One of the most important issues of this trip was finalized – I will go on the motorcycle KTM Adventure 1190.

But the question of financing the trip itself remained open. At the day of leaving for the journey around the world, July 27, 2013, I had only one thousand dollars in my pocket and hope that if this travel is meant to be, the world will open its doors for me.

The hope came true. I’ve been on the road for more than three years already and covered Russia, South-East Asia, Australia, USA, Mexico, Central America, South America. I met many sympathetic people who helped me to continue my travel, who became my friends and the biggest family in the world. I experienced a lot of miracles and pleasant surprises on my way which made me confident that if you really want something and head towards your dream, this dream will definitely come true.
In my plans I will move from Brazil to Africa, will ride in the south and east part of Africa and come back home through Europe.

After I come back home, I want to share my impressions, photos and videos made during my trip in the form of a book and documentary.
But now I am still on the road around the world. This decision was the most correct among all decisions in my life. And I am happy that when it was very difficult and I was almost ready to give up, I chose to keep going and try no matter what. Dream is worth of making the first step towards it. And it will give a hint about further steps.

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