The Journey Continues!   

Update 02-01-2018:

Following the takeover of Touratech AG by Happich GmbH on January 1, 2018, the newly founded Touratech GmbH commenced operations at the Niedereschach location. Almost all employees could be taken over on 1.1.2018 and both production, sales and administration as well as logistics at the location in the Black Forest will be continued.

The management team around the CEO of Hr. Alberto Reinhart and the new owner Hr. Marc Pelzer, will be working over the next few weeks and months to ensure that the corporate structures are adapted to the strategic direction of the company and that the products are available in time for the motorcycle season. "The Touratech GmbH will continue to be the leader in motorcycle equipment for adventure and travel," promises Alberto Reinhart, CEO, "and we will continue to provide Touratech products in the premium segment for the motorcycle manufacturers and world travelers with an optimized product portfolio in the future to offer known top quality.

After a period of intensive restructuring, the state-of-the-art production facility and the new logistics center ensure even better product quality and faster and more efficient delivery processes. Service-oriented branches throughout Germany and an efficient network of distributors around the globe guarantee customer-oriented advice, competent service and reliable availability of the products.

As part of the Pelzer Swiss Holding AG, Touratech is now well positioned to continue shaping the motorcycle and travel scene as innovative trendsetter.


Update 08-12-2017: Investor wants to join Touratech.

•    Takeover is scheduled for January 1, but is still under suspensive conditions
•    Almost all employees are taken over, location Niedereschach is preserved
•    Investor Happich GmbH wants to continue existing business model
•    Insolvency administrator Pehl: „The acquisition is a very good solution for Touratech

Dear Touratech customers,

good news for both Touratech customers and employees: An investor has been found who wants to continue the existing business model. The insolvency administrator Dr. Dirk Pehl from Schultze & Braun has signed a purchase agreement for Touratech on Wednesday. The agreement is due to enter into force on the 1st of January 2018.

However, the agreement is still subject to several precedent conditions, which must be met before the acquisition will be finalized. The details of the conditions and the purchase price were agreed under confidentiality. The contract stipulates that almost all employees and the Niedereschach premises will be taken over.

„The acquisition is a very good solution for Touratech,“ says a pleased Dr. Pehl, who continued and administrated the company since the insolvency application in August and has been looking for an investor since then.

„We have found the ideal partner. The Touratech employees, who have done an excellent job over the past few weeks, can look into the future with confidence. I want to thank the customers for their incredible loyalty. “

The specialist for motorcycle accessories is taken over by Happich GmbH, based in Wuppertal, Germany. Happich is a company of Pelzer Swiss Holding AG and it is a leading interior designer and accessory manufacturer for commercial and special vehicles. Happich will continue the previous business model of Touratech and will preserve both the location and the jobs on site. Touratech complements our previous product portfolio perfectly,“ explains Managing Director Marc Pelzer. I am looking forward to this new task.“

Touratech has filed for insolvency on 10th August at the district court of Villingen-Schwenningen. The reason for this was the late implementation of the new building, which was necessary due to increased demand. The move also involved difficulties with logistics and manufacturing. The resulting production losses and supply difficulties eventually led to insolvency.


(Update 02-11-2017: Investors show lively interest)

Dear Touratech customers,

on November 1st, the district court of Villingen-Schwenningen opened the insolvency proceedings as planned and appointed Dr. Dirk Pehl of Schultze & Braun insolvency administrator. As already in the preliminary insolvency proceedings, the business operations remain unchanged. All orders will be processed and delivered as usual. Furthermore, a major customer has placed a bulk order with a volume of several million Euros for the next three years. “This is a huge mark of confidence and shows that also the customers believe in Touratech”, says Pehl.

Meanwhile, the search for Touratech investors looks promising. More than a dozen potential investors for the insolvent specialist for motorcycle accessories made non-binding offers, both from financial investors as well as strategic investors. “Our task is now to receive concrete and final offers as soon as possible in order to find a good solution for the company, and to reassure the employees. The lively interest makes me confident that this will be possible”, says insolvency administrator Dr. Pehl.

For this reason, no job cuts are planned. Due to the steady high demand of their products, Touratech was even looking for new employees during the preliminary insolvency proceedings. In the next couple of days, an employee organization will be elected for the very first time.

Insolvency administrator Dr. Pehl will also attend the important EICMA fair in Milan, where Touratech will be on site as an exhibitor, as usual. “This is about building up trust and being transparent. For this reason, I feel it’s important to be present at the EICMA to communicate with our business partners and customers”, Pehl explains. Already in early November, the insolvency administrator meets worldwide operating Touratech distributors in Orange, France. Currently, the company is also working on the catalogue for the new season. It will be released in January.

On August 10th, Touratech filed for insolvency. The reason was the delayed implementation of a new building. The moving process caused further difficulties with logistics and production. As a result, the losses of production and shortness of supplies finally led to insolvency.


Dear Touratech Customers,

crises are meant to be overcome, to learn from the situation and to emerge stronger. And this is what’s happening at Touratech AG at the moment. The business operations – and this is most important for all Touratech customers – will remain unchanged.

As the production at the Touratech headquarters in Niedereschach / Germany continues at full force, our customers can still rely on the proven Touratech quality. All orders are being processed and shipped like usual to ensure you can realize your adventure on two wheels.

Since the company’s foundation 27 years ago, Touratech AG in Niedereschach has become the epitome of high quality products and a reliable partner in the world of Adventure Motorcycling – and shall remain so in the future.

Hence the application of insolvency Touratech AG in Niedereschach has filed on 10 August is a chance to continue the restructuration of the company and to develop possibilities to provide a sound financial and economic basis. The appointed preliminary insolvency administrator is Dr. Dirk Pehl from Schultze & Braun.

Touratech distributors are independently owned companies and will not be impacted by the restructuring in Germany.

The reason for this crisis is the delayed implementation oft he new building, which was necessary due to increased demand. The associated difficulties with logistics and production as well as the considerable loss of production and supply led to this situation.

But the journey continues –  more determinedly, enthusiastically and efficiently than ever. This is what we are working on together.

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The Journey Continues!
Following the takeover of Touratech AG by Happich GmbH on January 1, 2018, the newly founded Touratech GmbH commenced operations at the Niedereschach location.


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