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Touratech - GPS brackets
The GPS-bracket is one of our best-selling products. It is made of aluminium and also available in a lockable version.

Another option is the GPS bracket with coupling, a feature also used in the airline industry, and designed so you will be able to ride off-road or with a one-cylinder motorcycle. These couplings remove up to 95% of harmful vibrations. The brackets are available for all GPS systems classed as suitable for motorcycles and are designed to be mounted on the crossbar.

However, should your motorbike not have this type of handlebar, we supply additional accessories, which enable the GPS-bracket to be mounted on virtually all types of motorcycles.

Several models are also available in black anodized aluminium, to suit all types of motorcycles.
GPS for the motorbike
What distinguishes a motorbike GPS is that it must be waterproof and able to withstand vibrations. In addition, a biker rarely wants to take the fastest route between two places, so you need a good route planning function. Furthermore, the GPS should have a bright screen, which can be used with the gloves on.
What is GPS?
What is GPS? There have recently been major advances in the development of GPS navigation, and it is now an essential part of modern mobility.

We have been taking GPS on our tours with us for many years now. We have practical experience of all of the devices, often under extreme conditions. We develop and manufacture motorbike mountings and lots of other accessories, such as our patented GPS handlebar brackets, ourselves.

GPS = Global Positioning System.

The GPS satellite system comprises 25 satellites that transmit positional signals to earth. GPS receivers collect (acquire) data from up to 12 possible satellites above the horizon, and use the four strongest signals to calculate the current position. The position can be determined to within 5 metres.

Today�s modern devices can receive all the positional signals from 12 satellites simultaneously. The newly developed, highly sensitive GPS chipsets, such as SiRFStar III, are used in most GPS systems. This is a quantum leap with regard to GPS performance, even in deep street canyons or dense woods and forests. Movement is always required in order to use a GPS receiver actively.

Our systems can be roughly divided into outdoor systems and more road-oriented systems.

With the units we select, we focus above all on stability and suitability for use on a motorbike and all sorts of outdoor activities.

With regard to the hand-held terminal, we also look out for a compact size and ease of use.

Most of the GPS systems shown here can also be used in a car. Depending on the particular model, it can be used for detailed navigation and TMC traffic information. These criteria all result in the optimum balance of price/performance, which Touratech guarantees you as the customer.

The Garmin ZUMO 660 / ZUMO 550 / ZUMO 220 has proved particularly popular for use on motorbikes.

With regard to ease of use, comfort and navigation on a PC, it leaves virtually nothing to be desired. The TwoNav Aventura is one of the most universal, most robust and most suitable GPS systems of all for long-distance motorcyclists.

Magellan blazes entirely new trails with its Triton series. A wide range of topographic maps can be used with these systems with Touratech QV. More information
We have GPS brackets for:
  • ZUMO 660
  • Zumo 500/550
  • Nuvi 500/550
  • Oregon
  • Colorado
  • GPS Map 278/276C
  • Street Pilot-serien
  • Quest/Quest 2
  • GPS Map 60-serien
  • GPS Map 76-serien
  • eTrex-serien
  • Etc...
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