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THB 5,220
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TPS 15 for BMW CAN-BUS 15A relais switch

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Charger "Compact Worldwide" suitable for BMW CAN bus

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Video DVD The End of the Rains

Travel Equipment
Soto Muka liquid fuel stove *Burner with pump*   
Part Number : 01-070-0675-0
Stock amount : Approx. 2-3 weeks
Weight : 0.56 Kg
Price : THB  12,720
  Incl. 7% VAT
  Excl. Shipping
The Muka liquid fuel stove reaches working temperature in 10 seconds.
Priming is eliminated as the system atomises the liquid fuel immediately.
Muka stoves burn without sooting.

All the regulating equipment is located on the liquid fuel pump, which is made of high grade metal. The pump screws into the optionally available fuel bottle. With the controls fitted to the pump, you don’t need to put your hand near the hot flame to adjust the heat. When the burner is switched off, its special design ensures that the atomised fuel is completely combusted. No liquid fuel is left to drip out of the fuel pipe. Once the stove is extinguished, the fuel bottle is sealed.

Muka stoves can run on white gas or regular unleaded petrol.

Liquid fuel bottle not included.

- Flame takes 10 seconds to stabilise
- Precise flame control located on the liquid fuel bottle from full power to simmering on a low heat.
- Flame extinguished by releasing pressure in the fuel bottle. Simultaneously cleans the burner nozzle and hose.
- Once bottle pressure is fully released, the regulator is in the stop position.
- After releasing the pressure at the regulator head, the bottle is sealed.

What’s in the box
- Soto Muka stove burner with connecting hose
- Soto Muka stove liquid fuel pump with regulator unit

Soto liquid fuel bottles are optionally available in 700 ml or 1,000 ml sizes.
The bottle neck and thread are designed specially for the pump unit.

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