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Rokstraps ROK™ All Purpose Adjustable Length 150 cm   
Part Number : 01-055-0405-0
Stock amount : In Stock
Weight : 0.316 Kg
Price : THB  960
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How many times have you said to yourself:
"I want something that is stretchable like a bungee cord, and adjustable like a ratchet strap, and I want it easier and quicker to use, safer, and non- scratching!"

Well here it is: the ROK™ All Purpose Adjustable.

Product Description:
Combines a long length of webbing with a short length of our unique flat shock cord. An adjuster buckle joins both portions together and allows easy adjustment of strap length. Each extremity of the strap is fitted with a specially shaped plastic coated steel hook that allows each portion to be wrapped around anchoring points in a permanent fashion, or simply hooked on to an anchoring point. Superior design qualities ensure the highest levels of safety, strength, ease of use and long life.

Easy to use:
- Can be adjusted before or after attaching cargo
- Both ends can be permanently attached to anchoring points - just snap the buckles together and tighten!

Length: 5" (1.5 m)
Width: 1" (25 mm)
Set of 2 pieces

How many times have you said to yourself: "There has to be something stretchable like a bungee cord, but stronger and safer!" ROK Strap bungees are about twice as 'stiff' as a normal heavy bungee cord, and the flat shape is kinder to your cargo, and stays where you put it. Also it doesn't cut in as tight as a round bungee, and your waterproof fabrics last longer.

Well here it is: the ROK All Purpose Adjustable (60 inch). Each strap has a length of our flat shock cord with a hook on each end. Vastly superior to normal "bungee cords". These adjustable models are conneected to webbing for ultimate utility.

[*]Hooks: Double shank steel, plastic coated for scratch protection; rounded ends for safety.

[*]Solid core of 100% natural rubber provides superior strength and resistance to deterioration.

[*]Tight- knit polyester for superior wear resistance; best cargo protection

[*]flat surface avoids excess pressure- marking on cargo

[*]All rot-resistant Materials; superb durability

[*]Length : 60" adjustable ; Width: 1" (25 mm)

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